The gabion pylons of Rajaji National Park!

Rajaji National Park near Dehradun is less frequented by the human species compared to the heavy footfall in its larger cousin, Corbett Tiger Reserve. This means that the animals are freer to move about in their own habitat! This also means that the survival rate of a sign in the jungle is a week at best! We therefore designed and built signage into the gabion detail that make the boundary walls of deep crevices, cliffs and water holes. The animals are used to seeing these gabion structures and have started valuing them for their own safety and good. The fact that a large part of all these signs is the gabion detail made from the stones in the jungle, the animals (read elephants) do not bring them down each time they walk past them. We have also fitted the laser burnt aluminium fascia to the gabion pylons in such a way that in the event an elephant walks over them, the gabion can be quickly revived by the forest rangers.

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