RMZ appoints VDIS as its signage consultant for EcoWorld 30, Bengaluru

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RMZ Corp’s EcoWorld 30 is a modern workplace, designed thoughtfully to capture a fresh aspect of workplace culture with its focus on the safety and wellbeing of its occupants. Designed by DPA, Singapore, this cutting-edge tech park has been tailor-made with immersive spaces equipped with smart technology where people would want to spend their time. The 12 million sq. ft lakefront property incorporates natural elements into the workplace, providing a more stimulating experience with the right balance of landscaped outdoor areas and indoor spaces. Natural light, fresh air, water bodies, and greenery go a long way to helping reduce stress, improve productivity, and boost immunity. 

VDIS has had the amazing opportunity to design the signage scheme for this property, which is designed in stark contrast to traditional workplaces that help people find the best spot for their work needs and personalities. The design and consultancy team at VDIS is currently busy taking inspiration from all that is organic in the property’s environment. This tech park focuses on providing a wide variety of amenities for its diverse group of occupants. These meet day-to-day lifestyle needs, from an indoor wellness space and a fully equipped gym to shopping, to destination F & B and entertainment experiences that one can find under one roof at Ecoworld.