Finding oneness with nature. Finding oneself in nature!

Natural, holistic, sustainable and perhaps, divine – these were the constraints that guided our approach to designing a sign identity for one of the most unique properties we have ever designed for. Its uniqueness is evident in the eclectic presentation of its architecture, some inspired by popular Hindu deities (read Kurma, Garuda, Nandi) and others inspired by essential elements of nature (Lata, Phala, Taru, etc). Needless to mention, the place is also unique in its approach to sustainable healing. Kurma, the second Vishnu avatar is the inspiration for the Yoga Hall, which also anchors the overall architectural narrative for Kshemavana. The essence of Kurma therefore informed the forms, textures, materiality and graphic language for the sign identity of this property.




Principal Architect
AKFD Studio

Built up Area
20 Acres